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Advantages of Mediation

Divorce Mediation is:

  • less costly, with the potential of thousands of dollars saved in legal fees;
  • generally less stressful and confrontational;
  • relatively simple without the procedural complexities of a Court case;
  • a confidential process. Confidentiality can be maintained through an separate initial agreement which is available upon request. With a confidentiality agreement, the couple, and any experts assisting them in mediation, can freely communicate and exchange sensitive information, where privacy is a priority;
  • a flexible process allowing for creative solutions and settlements;
  • voluntary, so settlements reached in mediation are more agreeable to both parties, rather than a judicial edict in a divorce case, which directs a spouse to do something that the spouse is unwilling to do.

Divorce mediation can also:

  • reduce conflict and the emotional toll on parents and their children;
  • achieve more positive outcomes for children, especially those with special needs, or those struggling with drug or alcohol use;
  • concentrate on maintaining the emotional and mental health of the children.

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