Over 30 years of experience in divorce & family law

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H. MICHAEL STERN, Esq., a divorce and family lawyer, has over 33 years of experience.

With countless lawyers to choose from to represent you, here are the unique reasons why you should retain my firm in your divorce case:

1. Who you hire to represent you in a divorce is a pivotal life decision. The wrong decision can leave you with insufficient means and in debt. I strive to avoid adverse outcomes for my clients. I take the long view, not the short one. When you hire my firm to represent you in a divorce, I look down the road, because what happens after the divorce is over is as important as the process itself. I will always do my absolute best to avoid adverse short term and long-term outcomes for my clients.

2. I HAVE FOCUSED ALL OF MY EFFORTS ON ONLY ONE THING, GETTING RESULTS FOR MY CLIENTS. Successful results are all that matters, so it remains the guiding principle of my firm;

3. I DO MY UTMOST TO CONTAIN LEGAL FEES AND KEEP THEM AS REASONABLE AS POSSIBLE. As legal fees and lawyers’ contracts are presently unregulated, or standardized, I am proud to state that my minimum charge for services are among the lowest in the area. Rest assured, that I will skillfully guide you through your divorce at a reasonable cost if you select my firm to represent you;

4. I AM DIRECTLY ACCESSIBLE TO MY CLIENTS BY PHONE, TEXT OR EMAIL. Clients do not have to go through intermediaries or subordinates to reach me to have their questions answered or concerns addressed. I personally address your concerns as they arise. I am committed to providing the client with outstanding legal representation;

5. While I am a formidable and proven litigator, with skills honed over 32 years of conducting trials and hearings, not every case requires an aggressive, or combative approach to resolution. So, my focus has always been to get the client through the divorce process by the most practical, creative and effective means necessary. I settle virtually all of my cases. I will never “sugarcoat” predictions of outcomes. I inform my clients of the risks inherent in litigation and the downside of having a judge making avoidable life altering decisions for them. I always provide my clients with reasonable and obtainable expectations. I rely on my well-developed negotiating ability to achieve desired results. Based upon this successful approach, for more than five years, every one of my contested divorce cases has settled before trial or verdict.  My primary goal is to empower my clients to decide their own fate as opposed to having their future mandated by a judicial decree after trial;

6. If you retain my firm to be your attorney in your contested or uncontested divorce case, your case will be exclusively handled by me and not by an associate who is learning the ropes at your expense;

Please feel free to contact Nassau County Divorce Attorney H. MICHAEL STERN, at 516-747-2290 for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your legal needs.

My divorce, matrimonial and family law practice is located on Long Island.  I represent clients in Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Rockland Courts.

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