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Divorce Mediation Process

You and your partner/spouse are invited to attend a 45-minute free introductory session with me to discuss how the process works and to see if mediation is suitable for you. I will be looking for any power imbalance in you and your spouse/partner’s dynamic as a couple which would interfere with informed and fair decision making. We will discuss whether the two of you are ready to make a commitment to see the mediation process through to a successful conclusion. If each spouse or partner wants to go forward with the process, then I will explain my fees and what both of you should expect in terms of costs if you want to proceed.

In the sessions that follow we will devote some time to getting in you and your spouse or partner in sync with the mediation process, fostering a cooperative and non-hostile environment where tensions are reduced and parameters of productive communication are established. I will gather information about the two of you and the children, then we will identify priorities, needs and issues that are important to you both. We will determine the documents to be exchanged to enable each of you to make appropriate financial decisions relating to your money, property or children. I will also inform you if there are other topics which should be discussed based upon the information provided to me.

We will then begin a point by point discussion of issues and topics that need to be resolved. Developing an understanding of your spouse’s perspective leads to mutually beneficial decision making. Afterwards, we will explore options and develop potential solutions to each point or topic and also address relevant legal issues.

With that process underway, you and your spouse/partner will be equipped to make reasoned decisions for yourselves. As progress is made and both of you gain confidence in your ability to finish the process successfully, a memorandum of understanding is written as soon as an agreement is reached. I will draft a comprehensive marital settlement agreement for you and your spouse/partner. If the two of you are ready to sign it, choices are offered regarding the timing of your divorce case. I will not represent either spouse in a divorce case, as I insist on remaining neutral throughout. However, I will be available to facilitate the process of finalizing the divorce for you and your spouse/partner.

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