Over 30 years of experience in divorce & family law


I was referred to Mr. Stern during a very confusing and overwhelming time in my life. Mr. Stern helped me sort through everything & make sense of it all. He was patient and extremely thorough. He took the time to explain and make sure that I understood everything every step of the way. Mr. Stern made me feel like I finally had someone on my side, fighting for what I was entitled to. I felt informed and protected throughout the entire process. His knowledge of the law is vast and impressive. I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and the amazing results he got for me in the end.

R. L. – Former Divorce & Child Custody Client

Michael represented me in three cases. I emphasize on appraising his mastery on legal skills. I consulted with about 20 Lawyers in New York before one of my previous lawyers recommended Michael from 20 years ago. The day I met him for a consultation at his office, I immediately decided that I cannot find better representation and undoubtedly Michael proved it all the way through my legal battles. On a personal level, Michael will always lift your spirits up, as he’s not only aware that fighting a legal battle drains you emotionally but also because he’s a good person who always wants the best for you.
Thank you very much Michael.

I.J. – Former Divorce & Family Court Client

I was in one of the darkest moments of my life when I first met with Michael. My emotions were running wild, the prospect of divorce had me in a deep depression and the uncertainty of the process going forward left me reeling. Michael’s calm demeanor was solely needed. He took my hears of the unknown away by describing in detail the process that was to follow. I quickly learned that he has extensive knowledge of the laws in this area. His extensive knowledge and constant oversight of my case gave me the ability to begin focusing on myself and working to heal the wounds of divorce. I will forever be grateful for his guidance and oversight that helped me navigate this very difficult time in my life.

R.E. – Former Divorce Client

Michael was highly professional and thorough in handling my divorce. He was patient and made a difficult process easy to navigate. Michael was upfront about the costs and there were no surprises. He worked closely with my ex-wife and I to bring the matter to a close. I would highly recommend him.

S.D. – Former Divorce Client

Michael Stern was a great help at a very difficult time in my life. He made the process very clear & showed compassion at this low point in my life. I recommend him highly.

R.E.-Former Divorce Client

Absolutely brilliant and extensive knowledge of the law and legal matters. Mr. Stern took over my case midway through trial and was able to deliver a more than satisfactory case.
He is an expert in his field and I would highly recommend his legal services.

C.B. – Former Divorce Client & Family Court Case Client

Mr. Stern’s office and services have been exceptional and reasonable above all. His office communicated often and he presented options to deal with my divorce. I highly recommend his office.

T.T. – Former Divorce Client

I was in desperate need of help. My ex wife has had me in Family Court for over 17 years and I felt like it was never going to end.Then I met Michael Stern. His knowledge and experience finally put an end to this nightmare. He displayed professionalism and patience due to the complexity of my case and was there through the entire Court experience. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend his services, who need a great attorney.

F.L. – Former Client – Family Court Case

I highly recommend him for any future family law issues to any one.

M.G. – Former Divorce Client

Mr. Stern was very professional, reasonable and got me the results I was looking for.
I highly recommend Mr. Stern for legal counsel and representation.

F.R.G. – Former Child Custody & Visitation Client

I was in desperately need for help when my wife got an temporary full stay away order of protection against me. I looked for the best lawyer I could find online and I found Mr. Michael Stern. I read his testimonials and decided to give it a chance. As soon as he saw the allegations that were made against me he stopped everything and I mean everything he was doing and immediately started working very hard on my case. He got them to drop the order of protection and I am extremely happy of the outcome. I would totally  recommend Mr Stern for any future cases.

A.W. – Former Order of Protection Client

Mr. Michael Stern was amazing! He was very patient, and very understanding. He knew exactly what he was doing and was very knowledgeable! I would recommend him to anyone who needs a matrimonial attorney!
Thank you!
Michael unfortunately I am getting divorced and I will be hiring you again!

V.R. – Family Law Client

Thanks for the court trial yesterday about my child support settlement. At first, I was frightened about the amount in question and the amount settled but later realized that I just saved almost 2/3 of my child support payment. I am really grateful with the job you did for me and I will definitely recommend you (Attorney Michael Stern) to any client in need of assistance in the future.

K.S. – Child Support / Family Court Former Client

I’m very Happy with your service. I Recommend you to anyone as an attorney.

F.C. – Child Support / Family Court Former Client

I have known Mr. Stern for 17 years. I met him when I was in a desperate need for help. He saved my life 17 years ago. He made miracles happen. I felt safe and ready to go on with my life. 15 years later, he was the only attorney I could think of, to help me with the current situation…actually, two situations at the same time. He was very detail oriented, very thorough, with class from the beginning to the end, and most importantly, he made me feel safe and confident during and after working on my cases. I highly recommend Mr. Stern to anyone who needs a top-notch attorney.

S.B. – Former Divorce Client & Domestic Partnership Dissolution Client

Michael stern represented me in a child support arrears case. Not only was he able to accommodate me to court on such short notice but displayed exceptional professionalism thruout the entire court proceeding. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and gets the job done. Without his representation of my case I would have lost out getting all of the thousands of dollars my ex husband owed me in back support. I could not thank him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone I know. Thank you Mr. Stern.

K.M. – Former Family Court Child Support Client

I am truly great full for Mike in taking care of my divorce.
He is truly a professional and made me feel that my case was important.
He is very transparent and tells it like it is. True to his word the buck starts and stops with him!

H.L. – Former Divorce Client

My experience working with Michael Stern has been nothing but Top notch. His attention to detail and follow up was perfect.

J.D. – Former Child Support Client

Thank you very much for your help. You have been a wonderful attorney and I’m beyond pleased with your knowledge and professionalism.

R.J. – Former Divorce Client

Michael Stern represented me during several acrimonious proceedings related to child support and qualified domestic relation orders in connection with my divorce.
Despite the fact that it was a contentious and stressful journey, I was confident every time I entered the courtroom because I had Michael’s wisdom and years of experience on my side.
I highly recommend him to represent you in your legal matters.

C.K. – Former Child Support and Qualified Domestic Relations Order Client

Michael Stern has a vast, nuanced, and profound insight into every step of the divorce process.
He is tenacious and will fight hard for you.
I could not have gotten through my bitter and nasty 3 ½ year divorce battle without him.
Michael Stern is a very special person and very special attorney.
He truly cares. He’s a real life saver.
You WANT Michael Stern to represent you!!
I hold him in the highest regard and recommend him unconditionally and without reservation!!
Thank You Very Much!!!!!!

M.M. – Former Divorce Client

I am so happy the day I hired Michael Stern as my lawyer.
He guaranteed results from the court that ruled in my favor.
His service was affordable and professional and made me his client felt satisfied
about the job he did.
I would definitely recommend Michael Stern to anyone who needs to hire a
Family Lawyer.
You will undoubtedly get the quality service you require.

M.G. – Paternity & Family Court Case Client

Mr. Stern, I would like to thank you for representing me in my child support case.
Every step of the way, you explained everything clearly and precise.
I greatly appreciate the professionalism and dedication you put towards my case.
Once again, thank you for the utmost representation.
Thank you T.C.

T.C. – Former client – Child Support Case & Family Court Case

First and foremost, Thank You to M. Stern.
I was nervous going to court but he helped me every step of the way.
He was always straight forward.
What he needed, what to do and in the end EVERYTHING worked out!
I highly recommend him.
He was also great on working with me about my legal fees.

J.V. – Former Family Court and Child Support Client

I just wanted to spend a minute to put down in writing what a great job you did in handling my divorce. From day one you gave me terrific advice. More importantly you helped me avoid some roadblocks that would have had devastating consequences.

If not for your vigilance and knowledge there would have been significant problems regarding the division of my greatest asset, my home. By following your advice I was able to retain my fair share of the profits following the sale.

Another key point that you stressed was to have my wife retain counsel. At first she was adamant that she did not need an attorney and she would “agree to anything.” She even complained “why is your lawyer making me get a lawyer.” But again this was simply great advice. Once my wife retained counsel we were able to move the process along and my wife was happy that her interests were represented by an attorney. This also strengthened the legitimacy of our divorce agreement. If she has any second thoughts in the future she cannot complain that she was taken advantage of.

While you were always professional much like a doctor you have a great bedside manner. You made me feel very comfortable during very trying times. And you were always available either by phone, text or email.

Thank you again for everything you did. I now get to start a new chapter in the book of my life.

T.P. – Former Divorce Client

H. Michael Stern came highly recommended and after witnessing his professionalism, attention to detail along with a passion for what’s just.

I undoubtedly recommend Mr. Stern, for he’s a very well respected and go getter no-nonsense Attorney.

D. M. – Former Family Court & Child Support Client

Going thru a divorce can be challenging.
I had an uncooperative spouse, refusing to pay support. I was broke and decided to go to Family Court for Help. Without council and 8 months of stressful appearances, I was struggling to survive with no hope of ever seeing the 16 months of owed support.

By pure Luck, I was referred to H. Michael Stern. I showed up Less than a week before another Family Court appearance. He quickly reviewed my paperwork and advised me, I had no chance in winning my case, without legal representation. This legal giant was patient, calm, concerned but confident he could handle my case with a positive result.

After 24 Hours and reiteration, it was Clear I Needed this gentleman’s Help. I went back to retain his services and he had quickly started working on my case, as we spoke.

Mr Stern was precise, meticulous But, extremely professional. He stopped speaking at points to assure, I was understanding the process and answered my questions clearly.

After heavy negotiations with my spouses attorney, Mr Stern swiftly reached a fair but firm ldeal.

We appeared in Family Court and I was in complete awe of how this Attorney presented himself, as well as me, his client. With over 32 years of experience, he was not going to be pushed around. His knowledge of the Law, surpassed his opponent.

Swiftly we were in front of the Judge and my nightmare had began to fade.
He was successful in reaching an arrangement to satisfy all.
This legal giant resolved my case, I had been fighting for 8 months in Less than ONE MONTH. Bravo. Mr Stern.
I would Highly Recommend this Masterful Legal Mind to handle any divorce case.
I humbly thank him again.

L.E. – Former Family Court – Child Support Case Client

I retained Michael Stern to represent me in a court proceeding in a matrimonial case.
Mr. Stern was very professional and he did a great job representing my case. Mr. Stern always kept me informed, and was always on top of everything..I was very happy with his services and with the outcome of my case.

I strongly recommend Mr. Stern to others who are looking to retain an attorney.

A.N. – Child Support Case in Family Court – Former Client

A friend recommended Michael Stern to me to handle my divorce. Michael got the job done and helped me settle my case out of court. My ex-husband wanted to expedite our divorce so he hired an upstate attorney to continue the process since it would move through the courts quicker up there. Michael and I were both new to this whole new e-file system but I trusted him to get it done. He kept me informed by forwarding all the correspondence from both attorneys so I was kept in the loop at all times.

He was always quick to return my texts, emails, & phone calls. He was very precise in writing up our separation agreement that he did not skip a beat.

He was always looking out for mine and my daughters best interests. Michael always answered my questions within the same day I asked and explained them to me so I could understand them.

Michael is a very caring and professional attorney. I highly recommend him.

C.I. – Former Divorce Client

My divorce could not have gone smoother. I felt Michael Stern always looked out for my best interest.

My divorce never went to court. When I wasn’t thinking clearly he would always steer me in a direction that would save me the most amount of money.

The advice he gave me from the outset on how to deal with my ex wife is advice I still use today.

Michael’s first priority is you, your family and what is the best for your financial well being.

F.B. – Former Divorce Client

H. Michael Stern drafted and executed my pre-nuptial agreement. He was extremely thorough and professional. I feel confident he protected my interests fully and appreciate how well he informed me of many important details. I’m sure one day my children will appreciate the fine job he did!

M.S. – Prenuptial Agreement client

During a very uncertain and anxious time with the divorce, Michael Stern demonstrated the utmost of professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and guidance. It is very refreshing to have an Attorney with these attributes.

L.K. Former Divorce Client

H. M. Stern services are terrific and outstanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a superior service in a quick and professional manner.

A.S. Former Divorce Client

Mr. Stern came to me about several years ago recommended by a dads support group during my divorce process. I had went through thee other attorneys before I employed Mr. Stern when I had my first consultation with Mr. Stern, He restored my faith and confidence to go forward. I knew I made the right choice for his patience and professional ways over the process of my divorce. Mr. Stern fought and made my agreement fair and stood by my side and never quit till my divorce was made fair there are no winners in divorce. The facts was past attorneys had not put there trust and beliefs in there client, but Mr. Stern prevailed over all and did. I used Mr. Stern after my divorce for some civil suits that I needed for representation. Once again his services was outstanding. When I needed a recommendation for a estate attorney for my mothers death. The recommended attorney was equal in services. Mr. Stern has a great quality he has the patience to look through the frustrations that a client may be going through and stay on task and provide his personal advice and attention to bring settling peace to his clients as he did with me in order to get through the difficult times. If you are in search of a strong caring straight up knowledgeable on task professional attorney this is your man.

B.V. Former Divorce & Civil Litigation Client

Mr. Stern handled my postnuptial agreement in a professional manner. He is extremely knowledgeable in matrimonial law and thorough in his explanations. I highly recommend Mr. Stern and I’m extremely satisfied with the services he provided.

S.P.H. Family Law Client

I am writing this letter on behalf of Michael Stern. He had been my lawyer for my divorce back in 2006. He is very concerned for his clients welfare and will do all he can to achieve this goal for his client.

His knowledge about the law has been obtained from his years of experience. He is a lawyer who tilt looks out for what is best for the client.

I would not hesitate in recommending to any person I know seeking a divorce attorney. He serves with professionalism that is exemplary.

I was completely satisfied with his services.

C.S. Matrimonial Divorce Client

Mr. Stern took over a divorce case for me where a local attorney had allowed my former wife to take our child out of state making it very difficult for me to see her. He efficiently handled the case and within a short period had my daughter moved back to NY and handled the divorce justly for everyone. He also provided much needed advise on those difficult moments.

I often highly recommend him. Thank you Mike.

J.P. Former Divorce/Child Custody Client

I went into my divorce scared, desperate and needing help and support. I was unfamiliar with the legal landscape and dealing emotionally with an ex partner that I still cared for, but was difficult and demanding very high financial supports for a life that didn’t include me.

There was money, property, and most importantly children involved and luckily I was recommended to Michael Stern Esq.

Michaels experience got the ball rolling immediately and his skill, guidance and direct no nonsense approach helped me organize my life, and gather the information we needed to make sure my children and my future were safe.

Michael Stern was more than a divorce attorney because he looked at my whole picture and helped me separate from my past. Together we won all the battles and his knowledge, diligence and preparation helped make my darkest time a little easier and today I am remarried, happy and financially sound.

Thank you Michael Stern!

E.D. Matrimonial Divorce Client

I was very satisfied Michael Stern. He helped make my divorce as stress free as possible, kept me out of the court system and gave me valuable advice on how to handle my ex spouse which in turn made the process peaceful.
Michael is fair and honest and will do what’s best for you regarding your divorce. His prices are fair. The quality I liked most in Michael is that he will always let you know what each visit and action he takes will cost. This trait will help you decide what is best for you and your finances.

Going through a separation or divorce is a difficult enough process, so you hope to find a mediator/lawyer who is well qualified and yet has a bit of compassion knowing what you are going through. Mr. Stern was both. He was straight forward from day one. He made it clear what was expected from us and what we can expect from him. We were never kept waiting and since we both work 9-5 jobs many times he worked around our hours. He spent time explaining the process as we went along and would stop and re-explain something if we did not understand it. There was a time or two where a tissue was required and he was always willing to have time out for a moment. Divorce and separation are a confusing process and if you are looking for a mediator/lawyer I would definitely recommend
Former Matrimonial Client

Mr. Stern assisted in the separation agreement in a manner that was conducive to maintaining a calm atmosphere. He explained each step of the way clearly and made the process as easy as possible. He anticipated concerns that I may have not thought of and I found this beneficial.
I highly recommend it.

Mr. Stern provided us with a very affordable and stressless process to coming to legal terms with our legal separation.
He was clear, concise and honest about the process and fees.
I would recommend his services.

I would highly recommend Mr. Stern without any doubt. He is extremely professional, trustworthy, understanding, honest and will work extremely hard on your behalf. My divorce took about 3 years and he fought till the very end until I got what I deserved. I was extremely happy with him and I’m sure you will be too. Choose only the best 🙂

I cannot say enough about how well Michael represented me. This gentleman is extremely, honest, trustworthy, organized and knowledgeable! We were always early when we needed to be in court (family as well as divorce). Michael explained how the process would happen so I knew what to expect every step of the way. When we needed to be in court or meetings I was calm and confident because of how well prepared we were. I felt ahead of the game while my ex sat waiting for his lawyers to show and had to play catch up in court house hallways.

I was so very lucky to have a friend recommend Michael to me. I want to be your friend and let you know you will be in the best hands if you work with Michael. He will be on top of everything you need to accomplish you deal directly with him so there is never any miscommunication and he explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. He keeps you calm during the storm of your life! He is compassionate, will keep your divorce on track and will always be looking out for your best interest. I needed a lawyer I could trust to do the utmost best for me and my daughters. Michael took me from a shell of a person who was scared, needed an order of protection in family court and assisted me to the other side where the chaos has ended. My divorce was very involved with many issues from domestic violence, four lawyer changes of my ex, a sale of our house and a few family tragedies.

Michael always had good sound advice and was available when ever I needed answers. He always responded promptly to my questions as I said before you work directly with him there’s no middle people involved so you get his undivided attention.I who would highly recommend Michael for his professionalism and as a genuine good person, he is someone who you can TRUST !If you need a lawyer who won’t take advantage of you when you are down someone who is ethical with high values H. Michael Stern, Esq. is the one to contact.

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