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Michael Stern, Esq., a New York matrimonial and family law attorney, and mediator with over 37 years of experience notes that if the parties reach a custodial settlement which is acceptable to the Court, it cannot be vetoed by the child’s attorney.

In a recent case determined by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Department, the Court held that where the parties settled their custody case by a stipulation, the attorney for the child could not veto the settlement. The Appellate Division stated that the child does not have full party status and cannot veto a settlement and force a trial. However, the Court made it clear that the attorney for the child had to be afforded a full and fair opportunity to be heard beforehand. The Court also noted that the attorney for the child retained the right to appeal (presumably as said attorney was not a party to the settlement reached in the Court).

In my opinion, this decision was timely and placed family law practitioners on notice that the attorney for the child retains an advisory role in the context of a settlement of a custody case and cannot obstruct a settlement because the child is dissatisfied with the result.

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Written by H. Michael Stern, Esq.

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